Bobby Roberts Super Circus – Shocking Video Footage

It’s the Golden Rule that most ”Humans” follow –  “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”  It is the ultimate norm of high morality in our culture. Sure there are other morals by which we live, but this one phrase embodies our most cherished value: that we should treat people as we would like to be treated.

We are taught it from childhood. We learn it from our parents. We learn it at school. But more than any other place, we learn it in our churches because it comes straight from the Bible. Found in Matthew, chapter 7 verse 12, it is in essence a summation of the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes from Christ’s teaching. If you don’t want to be ripped off, don’t rip off others. If you don’t want  them to treat you badly, don’t treat others badly, If you don’t want to be judged, don’t judge.  Simply, treat others how you, yourself would wish to be treated, same goes for Mother Nature and the animals on this planet (ok! Except for those spiders needing a shave that wander into my flat unwanted lol).

Now it’s true we don’t always abide by the Golden Rule. We are all to blame, regardless how many times you attend church.  We often hurt others in ways we, ourselves, would not like perpetrated against us.  Some of life’s hardest lessons are actually reminders that we have treated another in a way we would hate to be treated ourselves.

Yet there are a few that do not deserve to be called ‘Human’, as they destroy what Mother Nature has provided us to enjoy.  Animals are defenseless and most regardless how treated unfortunately keep returning back to their owners who are not fit to have pets let alone walk this planet and get away freely with their actions.

I watched in horror a video footage that was secretly filmed showing an Asian elephant being kicked, struck with a metal pitchfork and shackled by heavy chains. Wishing the law could change, so these twisted sick humans could also be treated in the exact way they treat animals.  Unfortunately no law will ever lke this be passed.

The Bible says, ”An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”, which means, every wrong done there should be a compensating measure of justice.  But even though the elephant which suffered appalling abuse at the hands of her groom in the footage I saw sickened me and the elephant will now leave its circus life and start a new life at Longleat Safari Park.  How many animals don’t escape the daily torture?

Thankfully the elephant, named Anne, will leave in the next few days after bosses at the Bobby Roberts Super Circus agreed she could be re-homed.  Anne will be transported to the Wiltshire safari park where she will be assessed by vets.  Precise details of her move are being withheld so her trip does not attract too much attention and her stress levels are kept to a minimum. Northamptonshire Police launched an investigation into the footage.

The circus claimed the alleged incidents “appear to be isolated and at times when Bobby Roberts was away for short periods”.  But with so many secretly filmed footage appearing on You Tube we know this is probably incorrect.

The footage, filmed by pressure group Animal Defenders International, shows a circus worker beating and kicking the 57-year-old Asian elephant Anne.  It was filmed earlier in the year in a barn in Polebrook, Northamptonshire.
Bobby Roberts Super Circus – which looks after the animal – said it was shocked by the footage.

The RSPCA said:

“We are appalled and shocked by the scenes contained in the video and will be investigating what is shown on the video.”

Jan Creamer, Animal Defenders International’s chief executive, said:

“Anne’s tragic story symbolises the plight of circus animals and is a shocking indictment of the circus industry at a key time as government considers a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.”

Moira Roberts, 72, who runs the circus with her 68-year-old husband Bobby and their family, said they reacted with “shock and horror” when they saw the footage of Anne being abused.  She said they knew nothing of what was going on, adding that the groom employed to care for the animal had left the circus overnight. We wish we had been given the opportunity to prosecute him and hand him over to the police.

Shocking Video Shows Elephant Being Beaten

How does the footage make you feel, seeing a so-called human being doing this to an animal…?


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