Where’s My Keys, Where’s My Phone Star Mr Zip Reveals His Inspiration

Have you ever been in that situation? and couldn’t find your mobile phone or your keys? Weve all been there.
Where’s My Keys, Where’s My Phone star Mr Zip reveals the inspiration behind his Britain’s Got Talent song.

‘Mr Zip’- real name Zipparah Tafari- had the judges and audience transfixed by his incredibly catchy rap, Where me keys, Where me phone.  If you search Youtube you will find his original version from August 2010 with an already huge fan following, so why apply for Britain’s Got Talent?

His reasons for appearing on the show, the 49-year-old plaster from Manchester said:

‘It’s a bigger audience, and the world’s got to hear about Mr Z. Mr Z is global.’ This song affects everyone, it’s about losing your keys and phone. Everyone loses their keys and their phone. Even Prince Charles can relate’.



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