Say ‘Balls To Cancer’ Buy Your Ticket for @Ballstocancer Christmas Ball #charity




Ballstocancer have already given money to many research projects and hospitals such as Birmingham, Wolverhampton & Brunel Universities as well as funding special sensory equipment of The Birmingham Children’s Hospital.        Now it’s your turn to dig deep and donate –

How to do something amazing for your local hospice #charity

If you want to do something amazing for your local hospice then why not come up with an exciting fundraising event of your own? 

Organising your own fundraising event can be a lot of fun and is a great way to raise money for your charity hospice. Whatever your interests – from fashion shows to fell running, cycling to cake baking – you can turn it into a fundraising activity.

Pendleside Fundraising team can support you by offering useful help and advice to turn your idea, no matter how big or small, into a reality.

If you would like to organise your own fundraising activity, please get in touch with there Fundraising team on or call 01282 440120

FACT – The Hospice currently costs over £3.8 million per year to run. A grant from the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group provides approximately 26% of running costs but the balance, over £2.8 million, is raised locally. You can also help buy purchasing your Christmas Cards on-line
No one has ever become poor by giving.

After Paris Attacks, Should The World Close Doors to Refugees ?

Poland slams door to Syrian refugees following massacres in France’s capital   

Should the world now STOP all Syrian refugees entering our country?

One of the Paris killers who allegedly sneaked into France by posing as a refugee as it emerged a woman may have been part of the eight-strong ISIS kamikaze terror squad.

The anti-Muslim ugliness began as soon as the attacks in Paris became international news. Texas senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz said in a statement Friday evening that the U.S. must “immediately declare a halt to any plans to bring refugees” from Syria into the United States. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said more or less the same

Already in the midst of a refugee crisis, European nations may give in to anger and fear and shut their doors for good – But the horror of the Paris attacks, should help us empathize with the plight of the Syrian refugees they’re trying to avoid the same kind of pitiless massacres that occurred in France.
We should be more sympathetic to what Syrians are going through, not less.  Furthermore, jihadist groups have been recruiting some European citizens — such as ISIS’s infamous Jihadi John, a British citizen. So the assumption that only foreigners would be to blame for a terrorist attack in France is not sound.

Britain should not take more Middle East refugees, says David Cameron

Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary and Labour leadership candidate, accused the prime minister of turning his back on the worst migration crisis since the second world war.

Many of these refugees are children, fleeing the violence and horrors of war. The images we have seen of children washed up on beaches will leave no person unmoved.

The Conservative leader of Kingston upon Thames council, Kevin Davis, has already written to 50 Tory-led councils asking them to become involved in a scheme run by UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, to help find private housing for refugees for a year.

We’ve been at war with terror for nearly a decade and a half now. We killed Osama bin Laden. We replaced hostile governments in Iraq and Afghanistan with client states. We defeated tyrants, yes, but we left chaos in their place. And nothing we have done has stopped the tide of terrorist recruitment.

How do we stop the next generation of terrorists from radicalizing? 

To win the War on Terror, to actually defeat the terrorists, we have to dry up their recruiting once and for all … Even if the Paris terrorists turn out to have come from Syria – a Syrian passport was reportedly found at the scene of one bombing – we should still open our doors to those escaping extremism.

Our responsibility is to be better than the terrorists, and to show those who might be seduced by their hatred that the world isn’t narrow and ugly. Closing off our borders to terrorized refugees sends exactly the wrong message.

The world lights up for Paris

The world lights up for Paris

#fact #Homeless is not a #crime – Read about Cardboard Citizens #charity #RT

The figures around deaths of benefit claimants following ‘fit-to-work’ assessments released recently were alarming but sadly not surprising. Benefit claimants have been the victim of a compulsively negative rhetoric over the last five years, where the use of terms such as ‘scroungers’ and ‘skivers’ are commonplace.

Cardboard Citizens is a theatre company that work with and for homeless people. Because too many people deny that their experiences of the benefits system are realistic – Read about five participants have chosen to share their stories.


Heartfelt tributes paid to @stgileshospice Head of #Fundraising who has died on an expedition

Staff, volunteers and supporters of St Giles Hospice have united to pay heartfelt tribute to there dedicated Head of Fundraising, Helen Relihan, who has died after falling ill during a fundraising expedition in Vietnam.

Helen was taking part in the Vietnam Trek, a hiking trip held to raise money for St Giles, when she was taken ill on Monday 19th October. Unfortunately, medics were unable to save her life and sadly she died in the early hours of Tuesday 3rd November.

Helen, who was 51 years old and lived in Coleshill, had been Head of Fundraising at St Giles for nearly eight years.

Helen was instrumental in the development of many new fundraising initiatives for the hospice, including walks, cycle challenges, fun runs, treks and in particular our world record breaking Solstice Walk, Buy a Bed campaign and the Sponsor a Nurse initiatives. Under Helen’s leadership the team have generated over £10 million, enabling the care of thousands of patients and their families locally.

St Giles Hospice Chief Executive Emma Hodges has led the tributes to a talented, committed and successful member of the senior team, who will be greatly missed by the whole hospice community.

“Everybody at St Giles is profoundly shocked and saddened at the news of the tragic death of a highly regarded, greatly respected and tremendously dedicated colleague,” she said.

“In her years as Head of Fundraising for our charity, Helen played an essential role in enabling St Giles to grow to meet the needs of the community we serve, and she provided a vital link between the hospice and our supporters throughout the local area.

“Her total commitment to furthering the cause of St Giles Hospice was typified by her determination to join the Vietnam Trek as a fundraiser. The fact that she has lost her life while participating in a charitable event that she was looking forward to so much is utterly heartbreaking.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Helen’s partner and her family and we will be doing whatever we possibly can to support them during this incredibly difficult time.”

The Vietnam Trek was organised and operated by a specialist charity trekking business, and Helen was taken ill on the third day of a four-day hiking expedition.

A second member of the party was also taken to hospital after falling ill, but has since returned home after recovering in hospital. All other members of the Vietnam Trek expedition returned to the UK as planned and are being offered counselling and support by St Giles Hospice.

Helen’s brother, John Relihan, speaking on behalf of her loved ones, said:

“Helen’s family, partner and friends are devastated by the sudden loss of a special, wonderful, vibrant, amazing, loving and dedicated woman who did so much for others and touched the hearts of all who knew her. Helen will be greatly missed. Such a bright light has left our lives.”

Do you really have a true reason to complain.. #homeless #charity



Muslims are not offended by poppies – regardless what the Media say

12049513_1670062829872318_7390806266052287245_nA man has written a Facebook post explaining why  “no one is offended by poppies” in response to claims by far-right groups that Muslims “hate” poppies.

Jez Hunt, who lives in the north of England, wrote the post in response to comments by groups in advance of Armistice Day on 11 November.

His post was shared thousands of times online and was featured on Buzzfeed. Its popularity seems to have surprised Mr Hunt, who told Buzzfeed:

“These far-right groups pump these lies out every year, as a scaremongering way of trying to sew dissent, and people then start to believe it’s true.

“Luckily it seems that people are more awake to this lie, as the post went mad!”

The poppy, worn each year by millions of people, including Muslims, was adopted as a symbol of remembrance after the First World War.

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