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When #religion comes calling on a Sunday

There are millions of people right now basing their decisions on the belief that there is a God, thus descriminating against homosexuals and denying them their rights. I don’t know if there’s a God and as an agnostic, I don’t care.

I do know there are homosexuals on this planet and people are disrespecting them and acting against them, very often in the name of God. I have a very negative stance on faith,  If you want to believe and you have every right to believe and in fact, if anyone were to discreminate against a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew I would react just as passionately against it as I do when people discreminate against homosexuals. We are all equals, living in democracy. If a man wants to marry another man, let him do it. If they want to raise a kid, let them do it. They’re not harming anybody by their union and the kid is better off with two dads than with no dads.

Same thing goes for lesbians of course, or transgenders or what have you. You can think of it as a sin, you can pray for their salvation if you want, but don’t stop them from doing something that is not harming anybody. I respect religion, but religion has to respect me as well. You can think of me as a sinner and I can think of you as a fool. Don’t come bursting at my front door telling me how to live my life and I won’t come bursting into your church telling you that I think you’re wrong.

All I have are memories and tears in my heart



Take the pledge to never let your dog die #RSPCA

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You Are Forever In My Heart



@samsmithworld – Lay Me Down #RedNoseDay 2015 ft. John Legend

@salvationarmyuk #charity uses #TheDress to raise awareness of #domesticviolence

the dress

It was the question that divided the world last week: What colour is that dress? Now, the Salvation Army has used the publicity around the garment in its powerful new domestic violence campaign.

The Salvation Army has used #Dressgate to launch a powerful awareness campaign around domestic violence. The organisation has produced a poster showing an image of a young woman, covered in cuts and bruises. She’s also wearing ‘that dress’ – albeit the mythical white and gold version.

The message on the advert reads: ‘Why is it so hard to see black and blue?’ A caption adds: ‘The only illusion is if you think it was her choice. One in six women are victims of abuse. Stop abuse against women.’

The garment is being used as a force for good, ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8.

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