Why Not Cut Half The MP’s Not Police and Army

More than 6,000 frontline cops will be axed under plans to cut police budgets by £2.4billion, Hundreds of stations will also be scrapped or lose “front counters” where the public can meet officers. Three forces including Britain’s biggest the Met may not be able to provide an “efficient and effective service”, reported HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary Sir Denis O’Connor.  The cuts have already taken their toll — with 2,700 frontline officers axed by March this year.  This figure will rise to at least 5,800 by 2015.  But the true number will be much higher because the Met and Cheshire Police have no detailed figures on how the cuts will affect their frontline jobs.

The devastating losses come despite Prime Minister David Cameron’s pledge to save frontline officers. Last year he defended the cuts and said: “I think you can do that without actually taking officers off the frontline.”

But shouldn’t David Cameron be cutting crime not cutting the police. Over 15,000 cops are being axed, at a time when personal crime such as theft and robbery has started to rise.

David Cameron doesn’t seem to have a clue what is happening in our communities. As the anniversary of last year’s riots draws near, new research shows police numbers do matter there just weren’t enough police on the streets to keep control.

The Government should be working hard to keep us all safe, instead of cutting too far, too fast and taking away the police to do the job.

Mercian Regiment  will now be axed under Governement Cuts despite 3 Mercian regiment earning he right to remain a regiment time and time and time again whilst protecting us as we sleep saved countless lives in countless war-torn countries. Standing firm and holding the line or placing themselves in harm’s way, between warring factions such as in N Ireland or kosovo They have stood ready to protect us.

The 3rd Battalion Mercian Regiment is one of five infantry battalions to be axed under military cuts, the Government has revealed.

The former Staffordshire Regiment, will disappear in cuts to reduce the Army from 102,000 troops to 82,000 by the end of the decade, Also to be axed is the 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, the 2nd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards) and the 2nd Battalion the Royal Welsh.

A fifth, the 5th Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders) will be reduced to a public duties company to carry out public duties in Scotland.

Why not cut half the MP’s, that would save us enough to keep all the frontline police and army officers.  It’s a simple question of what we need more police/army or MP’s?

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