The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – Send a Message To The Queen

In true British style we celebrate this day
The Queens Diamond Jubilee with a extra bank holiday.
We’re grateful to have a long weekend It’s always a real treat
So we’re going to throw a party out there, in the street.
Get out the bunting dress all in Red, White and Blue
How will you celebrate whilst being proud to be British too.

To mark 60 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, special Diamond Jubilee celebrations will take place over a “four day” weekend between Saturday 2nd June and Tuesday 5th June 2012.

A Diamond Jubilee has only ever been celebrated in the UK once before – Queen Victoria, who reigned for more than 60 years, celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

Queen Elizabeth came to the throne on 6th February 1952 and her coronation took place on 2nd June 1953.

CLICK this link – To leave message on The official website of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

After you send a message you receive a confirmation email from The Royal Household.

How will you be celebrating The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

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