Elderly and Disabled Living In “Misery and Fear”

An open letter, signed by leading charities and the Local Government Association says that without radical change the elderly and disabled will be left living in “misery and fear”.

The letter – published in the Daily Mail – urges the prime minister to show “vision and courage”, and make social care reform his “legacy to future generations.”

It says:

“Social care is in crisis – the system is chronically under-funded and in urgent need of reform. Without this, too many older and disabled people will be left in desperate circumstances: struggling on alone, living in misery and fear. It goes on to say that “delay or half-measures” will not be tolerated. We want disabled and older people and their families to be able to live without fear of what tomorrow might bring.”

Carers in Residential and Nursing home are constantly under pressure and have very little time to stop and chat to the residents, allay their concerns or even have a joke.  Paperwork keeps doubling and paperwork now has paperwork.  This problem has been coming for the past 50 years and no Government has wanted to tackle it as it’s a large cost for no immediate return for them. Now something has to be done or it will spiral out of control as the population gets older. There is no short-term fix. They need to think ahead with the correct amount of funding so every care home can have the correct number of staff.

Are you a carer or do you rely on support from a carer?
What do you think about the current system and the planned reforms?
Please tell us your story using the form below.

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