Don’t You Think Aniamls Deserve Better ?

RSPCA Week is to raise income, and awareness of the work the RSPCA does, it’s been running every year since 1995.  Over £320,000 was raised last year by supporters. The next RSPCA Week is Monday, 30 April – Sunday, 6 May 2012.

This year RSPCA vice-president and actor Brian Blessed is helping to raise awareness and support for RSPCA Week because he, like many of us, believes animals deserve better.

If you don’t have much time, you can donate to support RSPCA Week they appreciate all donations.  Attend events and Search events in your area, anything from microchipping to open days.  Help the RSPCA to make this years RSPCA Week bigger and better than ever!  Search for your local collection at your branch.

Home for Life is the RSPCA’s free service, giving pet owners peace of mind. It means they will do all they can to find a new, loving home for your pet if you should pass away.

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