My Imagination When I Sleep

When I sleep at night
I sometimes have nightmares and I wish that I would awake.
I awake the next morning wishing that I could sleep.
When I rise from a nightmare I think about all the awful stuff it was filled with.
The crimes, the acts of violence towards one another and all the pollution.
I stop and look around that nightmare hoping to never return.
I take in all the shocking details.
I walk onto a balcony that over looks a highway.
I notice all the pedestrians being impatient waiting to cross the busy “war zone” as I would call it.
People signaling hand gestures at one another, cutting people off, and honking their horns in angriness.
The very sight of it makes me cringe for the worst.
I return inside and flip on the television.
I hear about people’s deaths, murder trials, kidnappings, and before I hear too much I flip to Cartoon Network.
I see characters stabbing each other with swords and fighting.
It’s everywhere.
Violence fills this horrendous, outlandish place that everyone calls wonderful.
A place where people can escape bad lands and rulings.
The home of the free and the brave.

When I awake from my nightmare
I realize that it wasn’t a nightmare at all:
It is the world today!

Don’t you think this is sad…???

Poetry By Paulette F Sedgwick
All rights reserved ©

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