#RareDiseaseDay ♥ Pays tribute to the millions living with rare disease ♥

Rare Disease Day 2015 puts the focus on the daily lives of patients, families and caregivers who are Living with a Rare Disease.

Over 6000 different rare diseases have been identified to date, directly affecting the daily life of more than 30 million people in Europe alone. The complex nature of rare diseases, coupled with limited access to treatment and services, means that family members are often the primary source of solidarity, support and care for their loved ones. The Rare Disease Day 2015 theme Living with a Rare Disease pays tribute to the millions and millions of parents, siblings, grandparents, spouses, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends whose daily lives are impacted and who are living day-by-day, hand-in-hand with rare disease patients.

Typically chronic and debilitating, rare diseases have enormous repercussions for the whole family. Living with a rare disease becomes a daily learning experience for patients and families. Though they have different names and different symptoms, rare diseases impact the daily lives of patients and families in similar ways.

In Europe, there are many initiatives designed to improve daily life: Developing and facilitating access to diagnostics and treatments can change the day-to-day reality for someone with a rare disease.  Identifying and improving access to specialised social services for rare diseases enables families to improve the quality of daily life. RareConnect, EURORDIS’ moderated multi-language online social forum, allows people with rare diseases to break their isolation and to connect and share experiences. Please visit the Living with a rare disease section of the EURORDIS website to learn more about the daily challenges of living day-by-day, hand-in-hand with a rare disease and the ways in which patients and families are meeting these challenges.

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#charity ball for @Rockinghorse67 + @HCF_Hiltongives – @ZoeTheBall as Head Judge



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Tears rolling down her face, she walked away



Sometimes I wonder if this kind of love is still out there



Please, look after that body of yours.

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That mind of yours is, of course, pretty closely connected to your body. You spend all day carrying it around with you, after all. It’s easy to forget how one affects the other. Low moods can be lifted by such simple actions as eating good food and drinking enough water.

It nearly always helps to get a good night’s sleep. And taking exercise is a huge help too.

So what can you do in the next 24 hours to treat your own body as you would any other cherished possession? Love your body and it will love you right back.

Little Troopers Summer Camp Adventure

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