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Stourport Library Celebrates World Book Day

Books For Kids Campaign

This year’s World Book Day is taking place on Thursday 6 March and Worcestershire County Council’s Stourport Library will be joining in the fun. Children will be able to exchange their World Book Day vouchers for a book from a selection of 10 titles available from March 3until March 30, 2014 while stocks last. Books cannot be exchanged without a voucher so make sure you keep yours safe.

Books and reading are a high priority for young people and World Book Day offers a great opportunity for young people to celebrate their favourite authors, illustrators, books and reading. It’s the biggest celebration of its kind and marked in over 100 countries all over the world.

Maureen Hobbs, Stourport Library Manager said

“World Book Day is a huge celebration of books and libraries, and we encourage children to come along to the library to exchange their voucher and take a look around. There will people on hand to help out and a chance to join the public library.”

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Martha Care 5th Annual Charity Ride Out 2014



I’m Falling Apart Inside Now That You Have Gone

patrick sedgwick

My Dad, Patrick Sedgwick passed away Monday 16th September 2013 aged 64. He’s Ex Police and Ex Army a brave hero until the end.

Belgium Becomes First Country To Allow Child Euthanasia Without any age Limit

child-euthasia-belgiumParliament in Belgium has passed a bill allowing euthanasia for terminally ill children without any age limit, by 86 votes to 44, with 12 abstentions.

Conditions for child euthanasia

  • Patient must be conscious of their decision
  • Request must be approved by parents and medical team
  • Illness must be terminal
  • Patient must be in great pain with no treatment available to alleviate their distress

Parents, doctors and psychiatrists would have to agree before a decision is made. Some paediatricians have warned vulnerable children could be put at risk and have questioned whether a child can really be expected to make such a difficult choice.

Last week 160 Belgian paediatricians signed an open letter against the law, claiming that there was no urgent need for it and that modern medicine is capable of alleviating pain.

In the Netherlands, Belgium’s northern neighbour, euthanasia is legal for children over the age of 12, if they have the consent of their parents. But now the Belgian bill is passed Belgium is the very the first nation in the world to lift all age restrictions.

But two cases of euthanasia hit the headlines in Belgium and internationally in 2013 – In January, the press reported on the deaths of identical twins of 45 who were deaf. Marc and Eddy Verbessem asked for euthanasia after finding out that they would go blind as a result of a genetic disorder – they feared they would no longer be able to live independently. The death of Nathan Verhelst, a female-to-male transsexual, came nine months later. He asked to die after a series of failed sex-change operations.

No-one can tell how many children might ask to die now the Belgium’s euthanasia bill for children has become law. For adults, the number of requests has increased year on year since 2002. About 80% of those who choose euthanasia have cancer.

Are children really mature enough to make an end-of-life decision?

Get Involved In The Fight Against Factory Farming

Compassion in World Farming was founded in 1967 by Peter Roberts, a dairy farmer who could see first-hand how the demand for supposed cheap food was having a devastating effect on farm animals and human health.

Since its beginnings, Compassion has been making a difference to the lives of millions of farm animals in the UK and throughout Europe. Against a multicultural, rapidly changing, economically challenging backdrop, they have made sure that animal welfare is represented on the political agenda. They have won battles to ensure animal welfare is protected by law, they are influencing change in the way animals reared for food are perceived by consumers and food suppliers and they are being joined by leading voices from the environmental, humanitarian and scientific communities to challenge intensive, industrialised farming.

Whilst they still have a great deal to achieve in Europe, they are in a position where they can build on there own experience and achievements and start challenging the world. Like many, they also believe they have to stop the spread of factory farming, before it is too late. The world’s population now exceeds seven billion, in just five years, the number of farm animals reared for food globally has risen from 60 billion a year to just over 70 billion. Two out of three farm animals are now reared intensively.

Increasingly, people are asking how do farmers feed the coming population of nine billion expected by 2050? The answer lies in recognising that currently produce enough food for 10-12 billion. Yet, more than half is wasted, not least by feeding perfectly good food to factory farmed animals. Yet one billion people are starving, whilst another one billion are overweight. The world is out of balance. Factory farming is at the heart of our problems, not the solution.

This five-year Strategic Plan sets out how Compassion intends to spearhead an urgently needed 21st Century agricultural revolution to end all forms of cruelty associated with ‘modern’ intensive factory farming and implementing a kinder, safer, fairer model of humane sustainable farming that works for animals, people and our planet.

Getting involved in the fight against factory farming couldn’t be easier: whether through monthly donations, taking part in campaigns or having fun raising funds

Give farm animals a voice by raising funds and awareness through a variety of fundraising activities.

Compassion in World Farming

Compassion in World Farming

Documentary – Pancreatic Cancer Awareness – The Silent Cancer

Produced by Turtle Canyon to help promote the first Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Week, this feature documentary explores the state of pancreatic cancer in the UK through survivor Les Niewiara’s attempt to raise awareness.

butterfly.jpgpancreatic cancer


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