Macmillan is in the running to become the Home Retail Group’s charity partner

Macmillan is in the running to become the Home Retail Group’s charity partner. This could mean a lot more money to fund a lot more nurses.

It’s the employees of the Home Retail Group who choose their next charity partner, so if you work for them they need your vote. If you don’t, but know someone who does, they need their vote.

I don’t have to tell you that cancer is the toughest fight most people will ever face but the simple truth is, there isn’t enough nurses to reach everyone who needs a Macmillan nurse.

In the next 24 hours, 900 people will be diagnosed with cancer, and in the coming years nearly half of us will be told we have cancer. So the demand for Macmillan nurses is now greater than ever and growing. And I hate to think of people not getting the Macmillan support they deserve.

So if you can vote for the Macmillan, please do. A vote for Macmillan is a vote for more nurses in every community.

Visit there website to see what a huge difference your vote will make to Macmillan and people affected by cancer.

You sit there, on the toilet, nowhere to go until you finish …

I do not understand for the life of me, WHY people can’t change a toilet paper roll?! I mean you sit there, on the toilet, nowhere to go until you finish …


Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service has scooped a Government grant of more than £5million

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service has scooped a Government grant of more than £5million to fund two high-profile projects.

Fire Minister Penny Mordaunt today announced that 37 initiatives across the country have been awarded a total of £75 million from the Fire Transformation Fund.

The Service will use part of its £5.14 million to build a new facility at the fire station in Stafford.

It will include a life-skills centre, which will be predominantly used by school children, and will also act as a hub where various partners can work closely together on prevention and protection programmes.

The rest of the funding will create a tri-service neighbourhood centre in Biddulph for blue light organisations.

Each partner will have a specific area to work in and there will also be a shared space to allow the different organisations to liaise with each other and provide a strong multi-agency approach which will benefit the local community.

Chief Fire Officer Peter Dartford, also President of the Chief Fire Officers Association, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded such a sizeable share of the Fire Transformation Fund and strongly believe that the two projects will make a positive difference to our communities.

“Times have changed significantly in recent years, with the public sector facing ever increasing financial pressures which is why it is absolutely vital that we work ever more closely with our partners to ensure our residents continue to receive a first-class service. This funding will help us to continue protecting the most vulnerable within our communities through education and prevention, ensuring that Staffordshire is the safest place to be.

 “In addition, it is further evidence of the Government’s confidence and support for the things we are doing and the difference we are making to the lives of our communities. As we have said on many occasions, prevention is far better than cure.”

Children’s Halloween Trick or Treat Show



Dark and Bizzare Delights Await You At Bedwas WMC



That moment when you really need someone – But they’re in Heaven



Body Confidence Campaign 2014

Evidence shows that popular culture places burdens on people’s wellbeing and self esteem, often resulting in low confidence and self-consciousness. This can contribute to lowered aspirations and psychological wellbeing and heightened vulnerability to risky behaviours.

Boys and men are affected as well as girls and women, but there is a particularly marked impact on women’s choices and life chances.

Many ganisations across government and industry work to address the causes of low levels of body confidence in our society by:

Raising awareness of body image and raising debate
Working with industry (media, retail, advertising, fitness, fashion and beauty) to represent and celebrate a wider range of sizes, shapes and Ethnicity in images of men, women and children
Encouraging girls’ aspirations and confidence in their full value and social contribution

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